Physiolution GmbH was founded by Prof. Dr. Werner Weitschies and Dr. Grzegorz Garbacz as a spin-off of the University of Greifswald in November 2009. Physiolution GmbH is a highly innovative company focused on investigations of the dissolution behaviour of solid oral dosage forms under bio-relevant test conditions.

The cutting edge test methods utilized by Physiolution GmbH were established by the founders and are based on long experience in the fields of gastro-intestinal tract physiology and biopharmaceutical evaluation of dosage form performance.
The bio-relevant test devices realistically simulate the mechanistic and physico-chemical conditions that act on dosage forms during their gastro-intestinal passage and enable the evaluation of their biopharmaceutical safety and reliability. The applicability of the test devices and test procedures was successfully validated on numerous examples of clinical relevance as well as in the routine analyses of solid oral dosage forms.

In addition, the analytical services of Physiolution GmbH include pharmacopoeial dissolution testing and other pharmacopoeial investigations of solid oral dosage forms and their mechanical stability as well as development and validation of analytical methods and procedures.


Dr. Grzegorz Garbacz

Grzegorz Garbacz was born in 1980 in Nysa, Poland. In the years 1999-2004 he studied Pharmacy at the Medical University of Wroclaw in Poland. In the year...

Pharmaceutical and analytical


Predictive Dissolution Testing

  • Investigation of the dissolution behaviour of solid oral dosage forms under biorelevant test conditions
  • Preclinical evaluation of the drug delivery behaviour of solid oral dosage forms
  • Biopharmaceutical testing of solid oral dosage forms
  • Dissolution testing in accordance with USP and Ph. Eur.
  • Investigation of pharmaceutical equivalence of solid oral dosage forms
  • Development of dissolution test devices dedicated for special applications

Formulation of peptide drugs

  • Studies on protein/peptide stability against gastrointestinal digestive enzymes

Pharmaceutical analytics

  • Development of analytical methods for drug substances
  • Development of analytical methods and procedures for pharmaceutical products
  • Validation of analytical methods according to the Note For Guidance On Validation conditions (CPMP/ICH)

Biochemical characterisation of biomolecules

  • Characterization of proteins/peptides with SDS-PAGE under denaturing and native conditions
  • Determination of protein concentration
  • Protein digestion, determination of digestion kinetics


Dissolution Testing

  • bio-relevant dissolution stress test devices
  • predictive dissolution testing of modified and immediate release products
  • biorelevat dissolution test methods
  • pharmacopoeial dissolution test devices
  • intrinsic dissolution
  • dissolution in hydrogen carbonate buffers
  • bio-relevant characterization of targeted dosage forms
  • determination of swelling kinetics
  • characterization of susceptibility of modified release products towards mechanical stresses of biorelevant intensity


  • multichannel fibre optic
  • multichannel flow through system

Fluorescence Spectroscopy

  • measurement of fluorescence and luminescence

Analytical HPLC (e.g. normal phase, RP-chromatography)

  • isocratic, binary and ternary gradient
  • DAD, UV/Vis detection
  • Fluorescence detection
  • RI detection

Pharmaceutic-physical Investigations

  • texture analysis
  • loss on drying
  • crushing force
  • friability
  • uniformity of mass
  • disintegration test
  • stability testing


  • optical microscopy
  • SEM microscopy


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