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Cyto Vessel

The Cyto Vessel – hermetic system enables the dissolution testing and disposal of toxic substances under standard lab conditions without dedicated infrastructure.

Padle Drive Shaft

The novel shaft is constructed according to the pharmacopoeial requirements. The shaft hosts a pH probe, two separate channels for titer gases, gas fittings, a paddle blade and a signal processing unit.


The pHysio-stat® is an automated device represented by a novel microprocessor-driven system which enables the adjustment of the media pH in a single dissolution vessel.


The pHysio-grad® is a novel device that enables a biorelevant simulation of intestinal pH gradients without changing the ionic strength of the solution.

Stress Test

The bio-relevant test devices developed by Physiolution’s realistically simulate the mechanistic and physico-chemical conditions that act on dosage forms during their gastro-intestinal passage and enable the evaluation of their biopharmaceutical safety and reliability.