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The pHysio-grad® is a novel device that enables a biorelevant simulation of intestinal pH gradients without changing the ionic strength of the solution.

Stress Test

The bio-relevant stress test device realistically simulate the mechanistic and physico-chemical conditions that act on dosage forms during their gastro-intestinal passage and enable the evaluation of their biopharmaceutical safety and reliability.


PhysioCell is our novel multicompartment apparatus for innovative dissolution testing. It simulates crucial conditions of the GIT sections: stomach, duodenum, small intestine, and the initial fragment of the large intestine.

Advanced Modular Platform (AMP)

AMP is the first tool that combines an adequate and customized simulation of in-vivo conditions which take into account the specific requirements of the dosage form and the experimental setup.

Small scale solubility and dissolution testing

Protocols for solubility and pharmaceutical formulation biopredictive dissolution testing in small scale, i.e. approx. 20 mL of medium.



COMPASS is an innovative software solution that estimates if the differences in the dissolution of IR formulations would lead to pharmacokinetically relevant differences under highly variable fasted gastric emptying kinetics.


LADMEos2 is a case-based software for semi-mechanical in vitro-in vivo predictions. It allows even a novice user to forecast the pharmacokinetics of drugs administered as oral formulations.